Reasons You Will Love Japan

You will not regret to visit Japan! It is not a waste to explore the beauty of Japan and to experience its culture. Why you should go to Japan? Well, Japan is one of the most developed and most powerful countries in Asia. People are polite and kind, their way of thinking and mindsets also are different. You cannot describe how nice people there are. Their culture of niceness is indescribable. They are courteous and deeply trained to positivity. You might as well worry about language barrier but to tell you honestly, language barrier is not a big deal in Japan. Instead, you will admire how Japanese manage language barrier. English is not widely spoken in the country but people can understand you through body language. They will help you in any way and give you information at their best with politeness and smiles.

The truth is people in Japan do not accept tips. We sometimes express our gratitude by giving tips but giving tips to Japan people is a kind of rudeness to them. It is like kicking them off. We can see other nations’ culture being influenced by Europe, America but the culture in Japan is uniquely theirs. Japan is also known for its punctuality. Transportation services are excellent. Their services value time so you will expect to get to your destination conveniently and quickly. Another thing that catches the world and make people stream to Japan is, of course, its recognizable cuisine. Foods in Japan are really awesome because of its unique taste and recipes. Sushi is one of the most exceptional and most loved Japanese foods. In fact, many people around the world want to learn how to cook Japanese food and serve it to their acquaintances. Additionally, Japan is famous for having the most elaborated toilet ever. Clothes are cheap but in good quality. When it comes to safety, there is almost no crime in Japan that people can even leave their bikes unlocked and belongings. There is no worry walking alone even in the middle of the night.