Why we love traveling to Japan and built this website

We have many articles written about japan in this website. Feel free to read over them especially if you are planning to visit in this wonderful and magnificent land. There are many unique things about japan that is why we come back here many times to enjoy the different views and sceneries and also the environment itself. It seems the air here in japan is different. It seems to give you good fragrance so that you can stay their comfortably and visit again.

As we have experienced like this, we all siblings want to go back there as soon as we have time to spare. We want our other relatives and friends to know about this beautiful place. Soon we will take again another trip. It will take us four days and we can enjoy japan even for four days. We already have much idea about the place so we can do things easier and faster than other tourists online ad. We have already learned to love their spicy and fresh food.

We already built a friendship with some of the adults their who are very enthusiastic and they help us when we ask favor something from them. They already know many things about us and also the country we came from. We spend time with them whenever we go there and can have time to meet again. We made articles about their warm reception and care for us.

Traditions and Culture of Japanese

Japanese cultures and Traditions

Japan is full of interesting cultures and traditions.

  1. Japanese people do not wear use inside the house. Even guests, local or foreign are prohibited to use shoes or slippers inside the house.
  2. Chrysanthemum or white flowers are not given to living people. These signify mourning for the dead.
  3. Chopsticks should not be stabbed in a rice bowl. Food in the bowls are offerings for them.
  4. Bowing when leaving should be acted. This is a sign of a good bye.
  5. Japanese people are the most polite people in the world.
  1. There is no tipping in Japan.
  2. The service that Japanese people give is incredible in a sense that you are like a very high person for them.
  3. Japanese give a high regard to cleanliness and respect.
  4. Japanese value hierarchy..
  5. When members of an organization sit together, they have to be seated in a hierarchical order. The person in the highest rank must be seated farthest from the door and the lowest has to be seated nearest to the door.
  1. Slurping during eating is very normal. Actually, it is not only for them but also to all Eastern Asians.
  2. Cell phones in Japan have a loud shutter when taking a photo for girls to easily notice guys fooling around through their cameras.
  3. Every single child has to attend an extracurricular activity aside from academics. These extracurricular activities include sports, music and arts.
  4. Vending machines are scattered all over Japan.
  5. In public toilets, there are no public towels and soaps.

Safety in Japan

No one wants to risk their precious lives. You know, when having a trip, people involved consider much of the safety of everyone and the safety of the place they are going to. Is Japan a safe place to visit? Yes, it is. In fact, Japan is one of the countries in the world that has the lowest rate of homicide cases. What makes Japan safe? One reason why Japan is safe is the possession of firearms. Well, among around 100 people, one person has a gun.

Compared to other nations, around three persons, one has a gun. Buying a gun or possessing firearms in Japan requires a lot of things such as background checking, mental fitness screenings and written exams. The country’s culture also contributes to its safety. The influence emphasizes honor, respect and politeness. It even considers anger and aggression as shameful ways that is why people are of control of their anger and aggression thus resulting to a quiet and peaceful environment. They are people of admirable dignity!

Another thing to emphasize on the safety in Japan is leaving your belongings unattended. You know, in Japan, you can even leave your bikes unlocked because no one will mind to get it. Yes, there are no thieves in Japan. Even your belongings in the basket, you can leave with no worries. More so, Japan has some of the world’s safest streets and roads that you can walk alone with no fear. For foreigner women, Japan is safe for you!

Unending tales of the beautiful cherry blossoms

Japan has unending stories to tell. It invites your heart and mind to visit this beautiful place that offers much despite some setbacks it had experienced.  Japan is still alive and wants to welcome every visitor that enters the country. If you visit there, your adventure days are guaranteed as we ourselves have experienced. We usually visit their when the time of cherry blossoms are in full bloom. We came to love its scenery and the peacefulness, calmness and joy it brings to us. Just walking and sitting beside the trees and in the walkways full of fallen cherry blossoms is enough for us.

We can just sit there and tell stories with each other. We usually buy snacks to go with our storytelling. We are fond of taking pictures and that pretty much how we spend our one day there. Other days we take time to explore other sceneries and places. There is a nearby restaurant that we usually visit. We have befriended one of the waiters and now he started to learn speaking in English. He now knows basic greetings and is excited to learn more. Like us he also loves the cherry blossom season. Click this website of this good dental company. You may open this sitelink 牙醫 久燦 here. This is best and nice clinic.

He waits for it every year and make a resolution to serve the customers with a smile and humble heart as at times, he said, he come to just do his work purely out of duty. I think he is now again regaining that resolution and his heart and mind as we just give him pictures of fresh cherry blossom. You can also check this japan best dental clinic over here https://www.dentalimplants.com.tw/dentist/. This might also help you into your travels. Best tips

Featuring cities of Japan: Osaka prefecture

Japan has cities that have its own points of interest to visit. You can spend one day there if you have ample of time then you can add more time so that you can see all the tourists destination and have time to savor the environment. Trying the Japanese cuisine here is recommended as they have good quality restaurants that are scattered in the city. If you want the humble but equally delicious delicacies you can try it in the streets. You will not go hungry here as you can find interesting foods to feed your stomach.

You can travel here on your own or you can avail of the tour packages they have if you want to travel with groups and with a tour guide. The benefit of it is much safer and you already know what and where information on your travel. You just have to follow your itinerary. It is easy to travel here as transportation is good and readily available. Osaka is full of fun and adventure and we strongly recommend this city.

Some of the specific places you can go are Osaka Aquarium where they have a huge exhibit of marine life, the park with movie theme which is the Universal Studios in Japan, Dotonbori and the historic and prestigious Osaka Castle. There are more places to visit and it’s for you to discover this.

Hiroshima city: the city with history and beauty

Hiroshima city is very famous to the whole world because of what has happened during the war. It is a place that has a good story to share after the experience in the war. As it is now a history, today we can focus more on what it can offer and what it is today. Hiroshima is just one of the many cities of Japan but it has its own boast and achievement to mark in the articles in this website. We have visited this place number of times since our visit as we also want to experience what’s its like to live in this city.


The city has a population of 1.2 million residents that make the city busy enough. Hiroshima has its own boasts of the different buildings and structures that are designed to make the city a great place to see and a good place to stay. Business is very alive and you can see on the streets busy office workers during morning and after working hours. They usually like the business attire and most people use it even though they are not office workers.

The city was designed together with beautiful landscapes. There is a lake within the city that makes it more beautiful. Many sits on the benches beside the lake and have time to relax and enjoy the view. We also did and enjoyed it. Marketing on services has the great effect in making your business grow fast. Find out more about seo 意思 marketing strategy, by the way this is in Asian character. This is one of the considered best tool in optimizing your business in the digital world.From this source you can see that we love Japan. Let’s go and visit!

Smaller cities of Japan that is recommended for you to visit

Japanese cities are everywhere that there are small and big ones. There are the ones with millions of population but there are those who only have hundreds of population. Whatever it is they are full of equal blessing that citizens and tourists alike enjoy. The landscapes and architectural designs are beautiful enough that you can just take a stroll and enjoy the view. If you are hungry there are many places to choose from to fill your stomach.

Kochi (a city of economic success blessed with various beautiful flowers that generously blooms), Matsumoto, Shizuoka, Kurashiki (with green trees and lake that makes it a great place to relax and reflect a little bit), Takamatsu (filled with green architecture and landscape that is very good and pleasing to the eyes) and Aomori with a population of only 290,000 it is already a place filled with satisfied and happy residents maintaining the beauty of their city.

If you have the opportunity of more time and days to visit Japan you try these recommended cities to experience a Japanese life and culture. Its environment and know its achievement from BOT-TO technological firm. You can explore more and know of its music and arts that we will feature in a separate article.

Introducing the first capital of Japan: Nara

In the history of Japan, they have established their first capital during 710 as a permanent one in Heijo. Now it is called Nara. Nara is also a capital place as it is the capital of the Nara prefecture. This specific prefecture belongs to the region of Japan, which is Kansai. It is located in the northern part. That history gives this place a unique characteristic. In here you can find many points of interest. No wonder it is the capital of the prefecture.

You can find here landmarks and sights that can number up to hundreds like the Toshodaiji Temple, nature and parks that numbers to 17 locations that includes Nara Park, various 18 museums, traveler resources of 9 places, places for the stomach numbering to 5 location, tours of 7 different one, shopping within the 17 locations and classes and workshops listing 5 types. You will feel at home here as they offer within this place all that you need. This place has also a good beauty services company. Try to view here for more. Very great and wonderful beauty companies are here.

But you can also travel to the nearby places if you want something or needs something. It is a good place of vacation especially if you know someone there that could accommodate you so that you can really experience the local life of a citizen of Japan. For more informatin about japans beauty just click ove this link here醫美. You will come to appreciate it if you understand it with an open mind. We have been staying in a place of one working in a hotel.

Introducing the famous bands located in Japan

As we are born in a place where music is also appreciated and so much part of a person’s life, we also explore and got to know bands in Japan. Music genre is different and they have their own choice that each band plays. They have their own ways of expressing themselves. There are boy bands as well as all female members band. It is great knowing and hearing the music of these different bands. Today we will introduce some of the top bands to you.

We can start with the band One OK Rock. With their name it is obvious what kind of music they play. They do it with passion in them since they started in the year 2005. Next is X Japan, who started since 1982, they have a female member in the band. You can also listen to Dir En Grey established in 1997 or the Babymetal that started in the year 2010. There is also the Arashi band that started in 1999. And the design of the band was made by this company try here www.decotaiwan.com. It was introduced to me before by a classmate in college.

As he loves music he also searches foreign music and he got interested in their songs and he made a research about this group. There is also another band named Uverworld that was established in the year 2000. These are six of the famous bands in the country of Japan. If they also interest you and have time to visit their you can visit the site of each bands. Mother is always the top priority.

Museums in Japan: Another great tourist destination

When we first visit Japan we did not mind about their museums. After number of trips there we came to explore and appreciate their many museums. As we have museums in Europe and many great works of arts are displayed their, we kind of have a pride so we did not care to visit museums when we travel sometimes. But we did take a look in the museums of Japan and have appreciated it. So we decided to try not just one museum to see the works of arts of Japanese people and come to understand them more.

First museum is the Tokyo National Museum, Mori Art Museum, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, Edo-Tokyo Museum, National Museum of Western Art, The National Art Center, National Museum of Nature and Science that Opened in 1871, Nezu Museum, Miraikan, Adachi Museum of Art and Railway Museum. The Adachi Museum of Art opened in 1970 in Yasugi, Shimane Prefecture, Japan and contains modern art of Japanese collection that includes some paintings by Taikan Yokoyama.  It features a beautiful with a status garden.

These are just some of the many and various museums in Japan. Each museum welcomes you with their own pride display of work of arts. These museums vary and you will not be bored as you can see many good works and come to know life and history of Japan. We love that we first visited the Tokyo National Museum, more info. Please feel free to browse around this web-site to know more of Japan.