Traditions and Culture of Japanese

Japanese cultures and Traditions

Japan is full of interesting cultures and traditions.

  1. Japanese people do not wear use inside the house. Even guests, local or foreign are prohibited to use shoes or slippers inside the house.
  2. Chrysanthemum or white flowers are not given to living people. These signify mourning for the dead.
  3. Chopsticks should not be stabbed in a rice bowl. Food in the bowls are offerings for them.
  4. Bowing when leaving should be acted. This is a sign of a good bye.
  5. Japanese people are the most polite people in the world.
  1. There is no tipping in Japan.
  2. The service that Japanese people give is incredible in a sense that you are like a very high person for them.
  3. Japanese give a high regard to cleanliness and respect.
  4. Japanese value hierarchy..
  5. When members of an organization sit together, they have to be seated in a hierarchical order. The person in the highest rank must be seated farthest from the door and the lowest has to be seated nearest to the door.
  1. Slurping during eating is very normal. Actually, it is not only for them but also to all Eastern Asians.
  2. Cell phones in Japan have a loud shutter when taking a photo for girls to easily notice guys fooling around through their cameras.
  3. Every single child has to attend an extracurricular activity aside from academics. These extracurricular activities include sports, music and arts.
  4. Vending machines are scattered all over Japan.
  5. In public toilets, there are no public towels and soaps.