Safety in Japan

No one wants to risk their precious lives. You know, when having a trip, people involved consider much of the safety of everyone and the safety of the place they are going to. Is Japan a safe place to visit? Yes, it is. In fact, Japan is one of the countries in the world that has the lowest rate of homicide cases. What makes Japan safe? One reason why Japan is safe is the possession of firearms. Well, among around 100 people, one person has a gun.

Compared to other nations, around three persons, one has a gun. Buying a gun or possessing firearms in Japan requires a lot of things such as background checking, mental fitness screenings and written exams. The country’s culture also contributes to its safety. The influence emphasizes honor, respect and politeness. It even considers anger and aggression as shameful ways that is why people are of control of their anger and aggression thus resulting to a quiet and peaceful environment. They are people of admirable dignity!

Another thing to emphasize on the safety in Japan is leaving your belongings unattended. You know, in Japan, you can even leave your bikes unlocked because no one will mind to get it. Yes, there are no thieves in Japan. Even your belongings in the basket, you can leave with no worries. More so, Japan has some of the world’s safest streets and roads that you can walk alone with no fear. For foreigner women, Japan is safe for you!