Featuring cities of Japan: Osaka prefecture

Japan has cities that have its own points of interest to visit. You can spend one day there if you have ample of time then you can add more time so that you can see all the tourists destination and have time to savor the environment. Trying the Japanese cuisine here is recommended as they have good quality restaurants that are scattered in the city. If you want the humble but equally delicious delicacies you can try it in the streets. You will not go hungry here as you can find interesting foods to feed your stomach.

You can travel here on your own or you can avail of the tour packages they have if you want to travel with groups and with a tour guide. The benefit of it is much safer and you already know what and where information on your travel. You just have to follow your itinerary. It is easy to travel here as transportation is good and readily available. Osaka is full of fun and adventure and we strongly recommend this city.

Some of the specific places you can go are Osaka Aquarium where they have a huge exhibit of marine life, the park with movie theme which is the Universal Studios in Japan, Dotonbori and the historic and prestigious Osaka Castle. There are more places to visit and it’s for you to discover this.