Smaller cities of Japan that is recommended for you to visit

Japanese cities are everywhere that there are small and big ones. There are the ones with millions of population but there are those who only have hundreds of population. Whatever it is they are full of equal blessing that citizens and tourists alike enjoy. The landscapes and architectural designs are beautiful enough that you can just take a stroll and enjoy the view. If you are hungry there are many places to choose from to fill your stomach.

Kochi (a city of economic success blessed with various beautiful flowers that generously blooms), Matsumoto, Shizuoka, Kurashiki (with green trees and lake that makes it a great place to relax and reflect a little bit), Takamatsu (filled with green architecture and landscape that is very good and pleasing to the eyes) and Aomori with a population of only 290,000 it is already a place filled with satisfied and happy residents maintaining the beauty of their city.

If you have the opportunity of more time and days to visit Japan you try these recommended cities to experience a Japanese life and culture. Its environment and know its achievement fromĀ BOT-TO technological firm. You can explore more and know of its music and arts that we will feature in a separate article.