Introducing the first capital of Japan: Nara

In the history of Japan, they have established their first capital during 710 as a permanent one in Heijo. Now it is called Nara. Nara is also a capital place as it is the capital of the Nara prefecture. This specific prefecture belongs to the region of Japan, which is Kansai. It is located in the northern part. That history gives this place a unique characteristic. In here you can find many points of interest. No wonder it is the capital of the prefecture.

You can find here landmarks and sights that can number up to hundreds like the Toshodaiji Temple, nature and parks that numbers to 17 locations that includes Nara Park, various 18 museums, traveler resources of 9 places, places for the stomach numbering to 5 location, tours of 7 different one, shopping within the 17 locations and classes and workshops listing 5 types. You will feel at home here as they offer within this place all that you need. This place has also a good beauty services company. Try to view here for more. Very great and wonderful beauty companies are here.

But you can also travel to the nearby places if you want something or needs something. It is a good place of vacation especially if you know someone there that could accommodate you so that you can really experience the local life of a citizen of Japan. For more informatin about japans beauty just click ove this link here醫美. You will come to appreciate it if you understand it with an open mind. We have been staying in a place of one working in a hotel.