Museums in Japan: Another great tourist destination

When we first visit Japan we did not mind about their museums. After number of trips there we came to explore and appreciate their many museums. As we have museums in Europe and many great works of arts are displayed their, we kind of have a pride so we did not care to visit museums when we travel sometimes. But we did take a look in the museums of Japan and have appreciated it. So we decided to try not just one museum to see the works of arts of Japanese people and come to understand them more.

First museum is the Tokyo National Museum, Mori Art Museum, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, Edo-Tokyo Museum, National Museum of Western Art, The National Art Center, National Museum of Nature and Science that Opened in 1871, Nezu Museum, Miraikan, Adachi Museum of Art and Railway Museum. The Adachi Museum of Art opened in 1970 in Yasugi, Shimane Prefecture, Japan and contains modern art of Japanese collection that includes some paintings by Taikan Yokoyama.  It features a beautiful with a status garden.

These are just some of the many and various museums in Japan. Each museum welcomes you with their own pride display of work of arts. These museums vary and you will not be bored as you can see many good works and come to know life and history of Japan. We love that we first visited the Tokyo National Museum, more info. Please feel free to browse around this web-site to know more of Japan.