The Ultimate Guide to Japan

Having a trip to Japan? Visit Japan now and you will surely love the awesome feeling. Beforehand, it is very important to know the things you should do and you should not do in Japan. There are things to be taken into consideration when having a trip to Japan.

 Financial support. Japan money’s currency, yen, is almost the same to American dollar. Also, the smallest denomination of a kind of paper cash in Japan is about ten dollars. Well, your budget varies from accommodation and services, food, activities, transportation and so on.

Accommodation and services. Most hotels will charge 3000-4000 Japanese Yen per night. There are available hotels for privacy options but expect it to be higher. There is a difference when availing accommodation and services to urban cities and rural areas. Accommodation and services to urban cities are much more expensive than in the rural areas.

Medium of transportation.  Trains are the most used medium of transportation in  Japan . It is a little bit expensive but it is the most convenient way for a trip. If you anticipate riding a lot of trains, avail the Japan Rail Pass. It is a multi-use discounted ticket, but it is not available in Japan. So remember to purchase this beforehand. Choices are 7, 14, and 21 consecutive days validity. There are buses also and it is more economical than using trains but it takes a longer time to your destination than riding trains.

Food Budget. Do not forget your food budget. Some hotels have kitchens that you can cook your own food there in order to have less expense. In fact, food choices cost from 250-1300 Japanese Yen. Meals cost differ in the restaurants and fast foods but if you have a tight budget, there are convenient stores like 7-eleven. For any other activities, there are some temples and museums and parks that are free to visit but there are some that are not.